Contractors’ plant and Machinery Insurance

What is Contractors’ Plant and Machinery Insurance? This policy protects the contractors’ plants and machinery like drilling machines, rollers, and dumpers that work on the construction sites. It covers both movable and immovable machines while working or at rest or if it is dismantled for cleaning purposes. Why is it necessary? Construction businesses do very … Read more

Commercial Property Insurance

Every business or organization that is run from a specific location has assets like machinery, inventory, computers, servers, and other physical properties. These physical assets are not only valuable but some of them like computers and servers contain sensitive information about the company. Any danger or damage to these assets can result in a financial … Read more

Business Insurance

What is Business Insurance? This is a type of insurance that covers financial assets, physical assets, business premises, risks related to employees of a business (enterprises), and legal costs (called Liability Insurance) from the day-to-day working of the organization. It is also called commercial insurance because it protects your business from unwanted mishaps. If you … Read more

Secure Your Retirement with Saral Pension Plan: The Ultimate Guide 2023

Secure Your Retirement with Saral Pension Plan The Ultimate Guide 2023

What is the Saral Pension plan? The Saral Pension Plan is a standard individual immediate annuity plan introduced by the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India (IRDAI). All the life insurance companies offer this plan, and have been made available from April 1, 2022. The term ‘Saral Pension’ represents the simplicity and ease of this … Read more