Bike Insurance

What is Bike Insurance? Bike Insurance is also called 2-Wheeler Insurance which protects your two-wheeler vehicles like bikes, scooters, mopeds, etc. financially in case of theft, accident, loss, or damage due to any natural disaster like flood, cyclone, or man-made cause like strike, riots, burglary, etc. It also covers legal and financial loss to third-party … Read more

Travel Insurance

One can travel abroad for various reasons – education, work, or fun. While traveling, incidents like loss of baggage or passports, medical emergencies, and flight cancellations are not uncommon. This is when a travel insurance policy comes to the rescue by providing financial protection against risks and losses encountered during the trip. What is Travel … Read more

Cattle Insurance

Cattle are considered one of the rural communitie’s most valuable assets. Several small, medium, and marginal farmers earn a large part of their income from cattle rearing. Cattle insurance provides comprehensive coverage against the loss of cattle because farmers’ livelihoods depend on them. Cattle insurance is another endeavor of the Government of India to protect … Read more

Motor Floater Insurance

Although comprehensive motor insurance provides complete coverage to your vehicle, when the number of vehicles increases, it may become very stressful to keep track of all insurance policies. Also, it becomes very expensive when you take separate insurance for your every vehicle. In such cases, motor floater policy comes to the rescue. What is the … Read more

Comprehensive car Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

What is comprehensive car insurance? This insurance provides complete coverage to the car owner, i.e. third-party liability, damage to the car, and also personal accident cover. Again, to get extra benefits like engine and gearbox cover, you can also take add-ons.  Why should you buy comprehensive car insurance? Many people prefer buying only third-party car … Read more

Motor Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

What is motor Insurance? Motor/vehicle insurance protects all types of motor vehicles financially in case of loss or damage due to any natural calamities/man-made causes or theft. It also covers third-party liability due to any accident with your vehicle.  Here vehicle means all types of motor vehicles i.e. cars, buses, trucks, bikes, scooters, etc. They … Read more

Erection All Risk Policy: Everything You Need to Know

Anything can go wrong while installing your business equipment or machinery. The accidents or damages caused to your machinery/equipment can incur a huge monetary loss for your business. An erection all risk policy will protect you from these monetary losses. Engineering firms, construction companies, and other companies that are required to install or erect plants, … Read more

Shop Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

The increasing cases of thefts and burglary creates a huge risk for shopkeeper’s business. Their shops are also at risk due to man-made disasters like riots, strikes, terrorism activities, etc. The natural disasters like earthquakes, lightning, and floods, can also result in major financial losses. To counter all these losses, shop owners have started insuring … Read more

Hull & Machinery Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

Huge technological advancements in the safety measures have increased the maritime operations at both national and international levels. Though the marine vessels have become extremely durable and weather-resistant, the unpredictable nature of the oceans cannot be undermined. The damage due to collisions, terrorism, piracy, and other events can cause a huge loss to the shipper/ship … Read more